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We were never meant to “arrive.”

The story we’ve been told to live is,

“Get the job, the house, and the family, and then live happily ever after.”

The lie is that once we’ve got all the stuff, we’ve arrived.

But now you’re here, and you aren’t satisfied.

You know there has got to be more.

And you are RIGHT.

We were meant to always progress.

to fight for a beautiful, crazy love…

to find exhilerating adventure …

to contribute in meaningful ways…

to build a legacy we are proud to leave behind…

Your life was meant to be everything you hope for it to be.

And you were meant to be the man that makes it happen.

But we weren’t meant to do it alone.

We need others to believe in our dreams…

to remind us we’re bigger than our fears…

to push us when we want to give up…

to help us find better ways to make it all happen.

That’s my commitment as your coach.

I’ve faced plateaus in my marriage and career too. Feeling more like roommates than lovers and acting more like a robot than a leader, I had higher hopes than an average life. But then I met a mentor who helped me believe in a legendary life for myself. Over the next decade, he dared me to take bold action and helped me break through. Since then, I’ve walked with hundreds of men through that same journey.

Moving from discontent to destiny…


In your legendary vision

Dissatisfaction can birth desire. But often, we feel ashamed to admit either. We fear we’d disappoint others if we did. We need someone to validate the vision we long to realize. In the end, we can capture a belief that will compel us to make it happen.


Bold Action

to make it happen

When we cross the threshold from hope to action, we have to face some of our deepest fears. Do I have what it takes? Will I be enough? In the middle of our greatest journey, we can become paralyzed. We need accountability that willcall us forth.

Break through

fear and discouragement

But it rarely happens as fast as we want it to. The middle of any journey is the easiest place to get lost in discouragement. We feel like we’re making no progress and like we won’t make it. We need encouragement to persevere and break through.


your story to others

And once we do, we’ll have a story to share with others. It will inspire and challenge others to dare beyond the average in their own lives and not settle for a life of quiet dissatisfaction. You’ll need a platform and astrategy to amplify your impact.

I’ll be with you from start to summit.

You’re right to not settle for average.

Your story can be legendary,

and I can help you on your journey.

If you’re ready…

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