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I help men who have lost heart find it again.

Coaching to transform your life, family and business.
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Every man wants to be the hero.

(but sometimes feel like sidekick)

Every hero has a legacy.

But your legacy isn’t what you accomplish, or leave behind.

It’s how you live.

If you feel like life is passing you by…

Start living your legacy.

Working with me:



Our relationship begins with a Discovery call where we will spend 90 minutes exploring your story, and mapping out a way forward.



Together we will create a customized strategy with tactical action steps to unleash you into a more fulfilling, and deeply rewarding life.


Along the way, you will develop the skills and tools to deepen your marriage, strengthen your family, and catalyze your leadership.

Every Hero's Journey has a beginning...

You want more out of life.

More than checking all the boxes and playing by everyone else’s rules.

More than long hours, 401K’s, and surviving bedtimes.

More than a stale marriage held together by duct tape and hope.

You know there has got to be more.

And you are RIGHT.

You were meant for more.

To fight for a beautiful, crazy love…

to find exhilerating adventure …

to make the world a better place…

But we weren’t meant to do it alone.

We need others to believe in our dreams…

to remind us we’re bigger than our fears…

to push us when we want to give up…

to help us find better ways to make it all happen.

That’s my commitment as your coach.

I’ve faced plateaus in my marriage and career too.

Feeling more like roommates than lovers and acting more like a robot than a leader, I had higher hopes than an average life. Then I met a mentor who helped me believe in a legendary life for myself. Over the next decade, he dared me to take bold action and helped me break through.

Since then, I’ve walked with hundreds of men through the same journeys.

Justin Williams, CPCC, ACC

A Husband and Father first, Justin is the untameable, wild, creative spirit behind Legendary Marriage.  Justin is also co-host of the Legendary Marriage Podcast, with his incredible wife, Danielle.

As a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Marketing Strategist, Justin helps leaders grow their businesses. In his work with men through 1-1 coaching, and The Braveheart Intensive, Justin helps men become better husbands, fathers and leaders. With more than 15 years of ministry leadership, and nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Justin combines deep introspective coaching, with strategic and tactical action plans that get results for his clients.

When he’s not working, chasing his 2 amazing daughters, or dating his wife, you’re likely to find him on the trail hiking, or hammocking in the shade by the nearest flowing water. A woodworker, motorcycle enthusiast, and adventure seeker, Justin is always on the go.

Justin’s personal mission is to awaken, unleash, and untame the hearts of men, to experience the beauty, intimacy and adventure of a life with God, that lights up the world.

Above all, I was impressed with Justin’s ability to draw out the hidden truths that had eluded me and to assist me in outlining actionable steps towards growth and healing. And, of course, his directness coupled with his deep compassion for people set him at the top his game.


Justin Williams is an amazing coach. I was lucky enough to benefit from his coaching while on my own “Hero’s Journey” and he was fair, supportive, and intuitive. I recommend him as a coach. If his Braveheart intensive course for Men is anything like his stand alone coaching services, then men sign up today!


Justin is an exceptionally creative coach with an expertise in identifying the significant underlying issues at hand. Metaphorically, Justin has helped me in differentiating the mud from the diamonds in my life.


I’ll be with you from start to summit.

You’re right to not settle for average.

Your story can be legendary,

and I can help you on your journey.

If you’re ready…

Take the first step today.

There is a world of difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. 

Are you ready to stop wishing?

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